Cooperation with Special Issue “Sensors”

We are happy to announce that the IoT4CPS project consortium has established a cooperation with “Sensors” journal for a special issue on “IoT Security in Different Industrial Application Areas: Manufacturing, Autonomous Driving and Smart Farming”.


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Automated Security Testing – Laboratory Demonstrator

A demonstrator for automated security testing based on attack patterns has been developed as part of the “ICT of the Future” project IoT4CPS. The demonstrator named MqttRazzer is a framework for generating random tests including security attacks for or via an MQTT broker.

Laboratory Demonstrator

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FITCE IoT Circle – Automated Driving and Industry40

IoT4CPS will be part of this year´s FITCE IoT Circle hosted by FITCE Austria. Since 1962 FICTE Austria is the Austrian representation of the “Federation of Telecommunications Engineers of the European Community”.

It offers
– an international forum for the ICT industry
– access to the experience of others as well as to trends in the development of telecommunications, IT & media
– the exchange of ideas, experiences, best practice examples from members in 10 participating countries
– contact to members from industry & business in top management or in leading positions in research
– professional events that offer a platform for new and current topics and invite exciting discussions
– cultural events for the whole family

Find out more

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IoT4CPS to host Parallel Session at Virtual Summit Industrie40

IoT4CPS will be hosting a break out session in the course of this year´s virtual Summit Industrie40 organized by Plattform Industrie40.

The session will cover all aspects of security in the IoT context. After two prerecorded talks followed by live Q&A we are inviting industrial partners and anyone interested in upcoming calls and future projects to join in on the discussion.

More information and registration

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AIT, SCCH and TU Wien contribute to Analytical Toolbox

This deliverable describes methods for anomaly detection for IoT4CPS and its prototypical implementation as an Analytical Toolbox.
All respective results have been achieved by the IoT4CPS partners AIT, SCCH, and TU Vienna during the first and second phase of the project.

Read full deliverable

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IoT4CPS Workshop “WISI” to be conducted at ARES & CD-MAKE 2020 Conference

We are happy to announce that the following 5 papers will be presented at this year´s remote ARES & CD-MAKE Conference.

AndroPRINT: Analysing the Fingerprintability of the Android API
Gerald Palfinger (Secure Information Technology Center – Austria (A-SIT), Austria) and Bernd Prünster (Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK), Graz University of Technology, Austria)

A Semi-Supervised Approach for Network Intrusion Detection
Radoslava Švihrová and Christian Lettner (Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria)

RESCURE: A security solution for IoT life cycle
Georgios Selimis, Rui Wang, Roel Maes, Geert-Jan Schrijen (Intrinsic ID, Eindhoven Netherlands), Mario Munzer, Stefan Ilic (Technikon, Villach Austria9, Frans Willems and Lieneke Kusters (Technical University Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Improving security in Industry 4.0 by extending OPC-UA with Usage Control
Oleksii Osliak, Andrea Saracino, Fabio Martinelli and Paolo Mori (Istituto di Informatica e Telematica, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy)

Automated Security Test Generation for MQTT Using Attack Patterns
Hannes Sochor, Flavio Ferrarotti and Rudolf Ramler (Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria)

WISI Workshop
Full Agenda

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“Corona brings Digitization Push” – an Interview with Project Coordinator Mario Drobics

Corona tracking, resilience and trust, open innovation and standards – the crisis has brought many IoT issues to light.
Under the title “With standards into the future” these will be examined in more detail at the IoT Fachkongress on 4 November.

Networked systems must function robustly and data must be exchanged securely and confidentially. This is a big issue not only in the private sector, but also in the industrial sector, because this is industrial espionage. In most cases, it is not only about data, but also about the control of industrial plants. If these are manipulated, the result can be very massive damage to equipment and infrastructure.

Read full interview

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6th IoT4CPS Plenary Meeting conducted as Remote Session

The last large internal IoT4CPS plenary meeting took place on May 14, 2020 as a remote session via Zoom. The inevitable online format however did not in any way effect the meeting´s productivity and dynamic. Many thanks to all partners for a valuable exchange of insights and fruitful discussion.

We are currently in the process of preparing white papers in order to put all findings into plain language. We look forward to sharing results, challenges and outlooks with the public in the course of the upcoming months.

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