IoT4CPS introduced at European Robotics Forum

Anomaly Detection for CPS – Results from the IoT4CPS Project” 

The IoT4CPS project was introduced at the 2020 European Robotics Forum in Malaga in February 2020.

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Christoph Schmitter gives Talk at sec4dev 2020

Christoph Schmittner from the AIT gave a talk on  “Threat Modeling in Practice” at the sec4dev 2020 conference and bootcamp.

The sec4dev Conference & Bootcamp is a Vienna-based security event which targets one very specific group: people involved in software development. It is our mission to bring together the best industry professionals, thus having a sustainable and positive impact on the software security landscape.

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14th IoT Talk in Salzburg on the topic of “Security and Trust in the IoT”

Salzburg Research is organizing “Security and Trust in the IoT” on Ocotober 1, 2020.

The 14th IoT Talks will focus on concepts and solutions in the field of “Security and Trust in IoT”. A research report published by Microsoft (“IoT Signals”) in July 2019, based on a survey of 3,000 companies, showed that 97% of all respondents had security concerns when implementing IoT projects. However, this does not affect the acceptance of the technology.

So what can be done to ensure confidence in the security and protection of the Internet of Things?

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Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt to present Paper at I-ESA 2020

Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt (Salzburg Research) will be presenting her paper “A Survey on Public Datasets for Digital Twin-based Automotive Cybersecurity Validation” at the 10th International Conference on Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications (I-ESA 2020) in Tarbes, France.

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IoT4CPS to host WISI Workshop at ARES 2020 in Dublin

The factory of the future requires an effective interconnection of machinery, robots, lines, products, sensors and operators to each other and to back-end systems. The industrial propagation environment may also be harsh, mostly metalized, and suffering from man-made, impulsive interference. Industrial IoT priorities are security, low latency, reliability and low cost. However, smart factories are also looking for enhanced services for people and machines that create an added value that is beyond the limits of the production environment, such as indoor localisation, smart logistic support, remote maintenance and access to machine data and advanced IT infrastructure, smart tracking of connected components and products.

In this workshop we invite papers to discuss security demands of Industry 4.0, as well as specific security tools and methods, which enable interconnection of engineering activities at multiple levels of security and safety, in order to improve system resilience and to support security lifecycle management.

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5th IoT4CPS Plenary Meeting at Joanneum Reserach in Graz

The 5th plenary meeting took place on November 28, 2019 at Joanneum Research in Graz and brought lots of fruitful discussions.
Starting into the last year of the project we discussed current findings and challenges as well as upcoming milestones.

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IoT4CPS @ AVL Research Networking Day

Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt from Salzburg Research and Stefan Marksteiner from AVL represented IoT4CPs at the AVL Networking Day on November 19, 2019. They presented the approaches developed within the project.

Violeta moreover presented her poster on digital twins for security and privacy life cycle management.

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IoT4CPS Demo Video: MQTT Security and AMiner Anomaly Detection

The IoT4CPS demo video gives a short introduction to a demonstrator developed within the IoT4CPS project. This demonstrator integrates the logdata-anomaly-miner (AMiner) in a small testbed, consisting of a cyber-physical system (a robotic arm) and IoT devices communicating via MQTT. It shows the benefits of using anomaly detection and security measures in a CPS / IoT environment.

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IoT – How Standards lead to Innovation

Austria does not have to hide when speaking about IT-innovation. Standards can help achieve he necessary lead over competitors.


IoT is more than just a trend. It has established a key role in industry and automotive. The latest report of network provider Cisco claims that 28 billion devices will be connected in 2022. More than half of the communication will happen between devices (machine to machine). How will Austria manage to stand out? What needs to be done in order to push and not inhibit innovation?

Mario Drobics discusses future opportunities and challenges with futurezone reporter Barbara Wimmer: Read full interview

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