Safety & Security Design and Methods

WP3 will focus on the development of a dependability engineering method and building blocks for designing safe and secure IoT systems, addressing availability, reliability, safety, confidentiality, integrity and maintainability for resource-restricted devices, as typically used in IoT scenarios.

  • Develop dependability (safety, security, reliability, efficiency) design methods for IoT
  • Development of reusable resilient system architecture pattern and concepts and HW-based solutions for safe & secure IoT
  • Development of scalable and efficient crypto algorithm for IoT


WP3 focuses on the development of a design framework for IoT elements. Existing design approaches focus only on one dependability attribute and are challenged by the dynamicity and interdependency of IoT. IoT components and the system itself are dynamically reconfiguring themselves and adapting to new tasks and changed environment conditions. This makes the prediction of system environments, threats, failures and consequences at design time challenging. In addition, the development and design is no longer a centrally organized activity but instead distributed between partners from multiple domains. The final IoT system consists of multiple sub-systems, developed based on company and domain specific design approaches, challenging integration and run-time cooperation. Besides the design framework WP3 works on providing building blocks on System and HW/SW design levels to be used in the design framework.

Design & Methods Verficiation & Analysis Lifecycle Management