Applications in Industry 4.0

In this work package, the objective is to enable use-case applications for Industry 4.0 that will be based on methods and tools that have been developed in the research work packages WP3, WP4 and WP5. The main goal is to demonstrate the impact in the digitalisation of industry and display their feasibility and performance in production environment in order to generate experience regarding their applicability in the real-world. High-level descriptions, objectives and evaluation plan will be provided by WP2.

  • Trustworthy connectivity solutions for I4.0 production environments
  • Traceability of components and systems throughout life-cycle
  • Security by Isolation
  • Demonstrator for Industry 4.0 use case


WP7 will built upon the research results being developed in the technical work packages in order to report applicable solutions related to secure connectivity and traceability of components and systems throughout lifetime in the application use-case of a smart manufacturing environment. Test-beds will be installed for testing scenarios and for evaluating the applicability of open based encryption and communication methods that will exploit the proposed solutions provided by the technical WPs in order to enable safe and secure IoT-based applications for smart production. Test-bed implementation, development guidelines and recommendations for securing IoT products and for securing the set-up of production environments will be provided in this context. These tasks will also support a demonstrator that will be developed to showcase a relevant set of these innovative technologies. Industrial time sensitive networking and fog-computing architectures, secure and efficient cryptographic algorithms in the industrial IoT setting, integration of IoT discovery and categorization and the suitability of the methods and tools developed in the research WPs will be verified by integrating them into suitable demonstration prototypes. Related hardware and software development implementing results of WP3-5 as suitable prototypes and integration of such prototypes into automotive V&V systems will also be provided. For this purpose, a multi-layer security testing environment, including test case generation, execution and verification; analysis and report will be established.